Tanning FAQs :


  • MOBILE Session “We Come to You!”
    One Client Tan $60
    Two Plus Clients $50 each
    Six or more Tan…See our GLOW Parties
  • How do I make an appointment?

SkinScape is open by appointment only, our hours and schedule tend to change from week to week. Our typical hours of operation are Tuesdays–Friday 11am-7pm by Appointment and Saturdays 11am–3pm by Appointment.

Contact Jeska Miller – email or phone for questions and appointments. skinscapebody@gmail.com / 864-979-3182

  • Wedding or special event?

If you have never had a custom hand applied spray tan before, we highly suggest you do a test run at least two weeks prior to the main event. Even if you have tanned before, every company’s solution is different and you may want to make adjustments. We don’t want you to feel too light or too dark on your big day!

  • Does solution rub off?

The solution will not rub off on your dress unless you try it on immediately after your tan or before you rinse off. If you sweat the day of your wedding or special event, it may rub off slightly on the inside edges. Sweating will not affect your tan if you have already rinsed off.

  • How long does it take?

The HVLP (high volume low pressure) turbine spray gun will take approximately 10 minutes or less. The drying time is less than that of standard airbrushing because the technician dries you during your session. In addition, the machine used is a very fine mist and has limited overspray. The total appointment time for a new client is approximately thirty minutes or less and about fifteen to twenty minutes for a repeat client.

  • Who applies it?

Jeska Miller  a licensed esthetician will be your spray technician & has been thoroughly trained on technique, professionalism and safety.

  • How does it look?

The reason why so many prefer custom hand applied spray tanning to the spray booth is specifically for this reason. A trained technician applies a custom spray tan by hand whereas with the spray booth you are left alone with a machine. One coat is applied and if there are any marks or imperfections of any kind, they are immediately fixed. The client will be asked to look at him or herself to make sure that the tan is exactly what they wanted.

  • Does it smell?

Our products are all natural and free of perfumes, parabyns, and chemicals. Our Tahitian GLOW has a very slight smell of cucumber melon. You will be able to detect it ever so slightly on your skin but it won’t be bothersome compared to other sunless products you may have used. The reason for this is our high aloe content and HVLP mist application.

  • Muscle definition

My goal  is to give you the most natural color and most natural looking tan. We like to tan you lighter on your face and darker on your shoulders and legs, as that is where the sun falls naturally. We hope to offer muscle definition in the future, but not until we perfect the technique.

  • Customization (face/legs)

Absolutely! Everything is customizable. Typically, we tan your face last and always ask you if you’d like it sprayed. Most clients request extra on their legs so it’s not a problem at all to focus on a certain area. A full body extra coat is an additional $10.00.

  • I am VERY fair, what now?

This is every client’s concern so you are not alone. South Seas Tan specializes in color customization. Know this, no person will ever be the same “Tan”. The solution generates with your skins natural pigments giving you such a flawless color everytime.

During your first visit the tanning technician will ask you a number of questions to find out what your color desires are and get you to the level of “bronze-ness” you wish to be. If you are not dark enough, you may always purchase a second coat for $10, although, most clients find they reach their tanning goals after just one session.

  • What do I wear?

Essentially, this is a decision of the client. If you are a woman, you may wear your own lingerie or bathing suit, or opt for no tan lines at all. Men are required to wear underwear or a swimsuit. While the solution is formulated to wash out with regular laundry detergent, clients are encouraged to wear old clothes to their tanning session so they will not be disappointed if the solution happens to stain their particular type of clothing.

  • How long before I shower?

It depends on the solution you choose. For our standard solutions, it takes at least 6-8 hours for the solution to fully be absorbed into your skin to get the full color potential; For the Fiji Express solution, you can shower after 2-3 hours.

  • How long does the tan last?

About 5- 7 days with no aftercare ritual. If you use the tan extender it can last up to 14 days. Depending on what type of skin you have (dry skin, oily skin) this will be a factor in how long the color will last. Your daily activities can also change how long the tan lasts.

  • Before your tan?

Ideally, you would exfoliate (loofah, clarisonic, wash cloth, salt scrub, etc.), not come straight from work or school, and have no lotion, makeup or deodorant on. If you are not able to do that, it is best you do the “pre-tan” process the morning of and clean up a bit prior to your tan. The cleaner and more exfoliated your skin is, the longer your tan lasts. Please wax 24 hours in advance.

  • After your tan?

Try to avoid abrasive exfoliating, bar soaps and dull razors. Any products containing mineral oil and prolonged exposure to water have a tendency to make your tan fade faster. Apply waterproof sunscreen frequently and moisturize twice daily

 2 Hour Tan
2 Hour Tan



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