Tanning Tips:

Before Your Tan:

  • Please be showered, shaved and exfoliated with no lotion foundation or deodorant. Eye and lip makeup are ok. Hair must be blown dry  and pulled up before application.
  • If your hair is thick/coarse please do no shave immediately prior to your tan. Waxing myst be done at least 24 hours before your tan.
  • Come prepared with loose, stretchy, dark clothing to wear home after your tan. A dress for ladies, loose shorts for men and flip-flops are all recommended.
  • The better you exfoliate, the longer your tan will last.
  • I want your skin to be thirsty when it comes to me (dry and dehydrated). This way your skin will absorb every bit of product that is applied for a deep long lasting tan.

During Your Tan:

  • What you wear during your tan is up to you. You may choose to go nude or wear your wear your underwear/bathingsuit ( Men must wear their bathing suit, boxer briefs or speedo.
  • If you choose to wear something during you tan, make sure to place it where you want you tan lines to be.
  • A barrier scrub and lotion will be provided before each tan to prevent any tanned palms or feet.

After your Tan:

  • I will be sure you are nice and dry before getting dressed after tanning.
  • You will want to wear loose dark clothing home or until your have taken your first shower to rinse off the cosmetic bronzer.
  • Bring a towel to place on your “leather/vinyl” car seats to avoid sticking and bronzing your car.
  • Do not shower, sweat or apply lotion/foundation/deodorant  for at least 6-8 hours for the (Tahitian Tan) – If you chose to do the express (Fiji Tan) you may do all of the above within 2-3 hours.
  • General rule: The longer the cosmetic bronzer “sets” the longer and deeper your tan will be. Many clients prefer to sleep overnight with the initial application and shower the next morning.
  • Your first shower should just be a “warm water rinse” so as not to inhibit the development of the DHA. This time limit is set to maximize your tan.
  • After your first shower be sure to pat dry- no excessive rubbing & immediately apply your moisturizer religiously until your next appointment.
  • Do NOT exfoliate for at least one week and try to shave as little as possible. Shaving is a form of exfoliation which will fade your tan.
  • NO BAR SOAP!!! This will strip away your tan in 4 days or less.
  • Always use waterproof sunscreen as the tan does not provide sun protection.
  • NOTE: Pools with chlorine and excessive beach swimming will cause your tan to fade faster. Waterproof sunscreen can help act as a barrier.
  • Your Hands, Face, & Feet will naturally fade faster due to frequent washing.

I offer a full line of custom products to help maintain & extend your tan.

Contact me for your next appointment skinscapebody@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Tanning Tips:

  1. I came in today for my first airbrush tan with Jeska. I loved her and she was so sweet! She did an amazing job and explained everything to me. Glad I was referred to her! Will be back again soon.

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